It’s Time! It’s My Time.


Editorial Design (Book1 232P + Book2 43P)
8 in * 8 in
Design, Content Curation & Production by Sophia Zuo
"It's Time! It's My Time" is an editorial project comprising two books that delve into the anxiety caused by societal expectations, known as the "social clock." This project offers a meditative and personal narrative, emphasizing the importance of individual experiences over societal milestones. The transition to adulthood is often marked by anxiety and confusion due to societal pressures dictating expected milestones and timelines. The two books address this anxiety and the feeling of being lost or falling behind when personal paths do not align with societal expectations. They reflect societal pressures in China, using a triage of colors to signify the urgency of societal norms and the resulting anxiety at different life stages.
My Moments


Motion Graphics(2023)


Poster Design for fissure’s Reader Meet & Greet Event

Branding (Zine 52P + 2 Posters + 2 Logos + Merch Design)
8.5 in * 11 in (Size of Zine)
Design, Content Curation by Sophia Zuo
Fissure Magazine explores the intersections between architecture, history, and urban decay, aiming to establish a cohesive brand identity. It tells the narratives behind abandoned spaces, their relationship with urban areas, and the concept of liminality. By focusing on the transitional nature of these environments, we capture the essence of the in-between and their impact on our perception of time, space, and identity.

Graphic Logos
Type Logos
Publication Covers of fissure

Inner Spreads of fissure

Merch Design

Air Living

WALLPAPER & MOTION DESIGN(2024)Pattern Design (4 Versions of Monogram + Motion graphics)
Design by Sophia Zuo
This project includes pattern design and motion graphics for Air Living, a vibrant residential community reflecting New York’s lively culture and serene natural surroundings. The design concept for Air Living's wallpaper and motion backgrounds is inspired by the brand’s ethos of positive, unrestricted living and its beautiful location. Incorporating calming colors and dynamic forms, the design creates an atmosphere of tranquility and modern elegance. The project features elegant still monograms and dynamic motion graphics for promotional videos, which will be used in digital marketing campaigns to attract prospective residents and engage the community.

Mockup Wallpaper for Common Room Area
Wallpaper for Indoor Pool Area
Circular-shaped Monograms
Motions for Ribbon Patterns
Motions for Monogram

Gallery of Air Buffalo Amenity
Gallery of Air Buffalo Amenity
Gallery of 

Experimentations of Pattern Designs
Experimentations of Colors

Auden Living

Design by Sophia Zuo
I redesigned the official website for Auden Living, a prominent developer of off-campus student housing, to enhance the online presence and functionality, aligning with the brand's commitment to student well-being and academic growth. The primary goal of this redesign is to create a modern, user-friendly website that reflects Auden Living’s mission of providing comfortable, supportive living environments for students. The redesign mainly focus on simplifying the user interface to improve the user experience for students looking for housing and for potential investors exploring partnership opportunities.
Press Release Interaction
About Page Interaction

Compare with Original Design

Lake St. Townhomes & One Park 

PRINTED MATTERS(2024)Printed Marketing Materials for Lake St. Townhomes & One Park
8.5 in * 11 in
Webdesign by Ryan Yang, Graphic Design by Sophia Zuo.
I created a captivating brochure for Lake St. Townhomes in Ithaca, NY. It showcases 16 market-rate townhouses, blending modern design with the area's natural beauty. Using earth tones and greens, the brochure highlights high-quality photos of the homes and surroundings, inviting locals to consider them as their next residence. The layout includes an attractive cover, an introduction outlining the vision and location advantages of the development, and emphasizes its peaceful integration with nature.

Brochure Design
Lake St. Townhomes Official Website

One Park Holiday Flyer

Front Desk Setting

Flyer Design(front)
Flyer Design(back)

Auden Education

SOCIAL MEDIA STILL & MOTION POST(2024)Digital Markering Materials
Design by Sophia Zuo
I have developed an engaging series of social media posts and e-blasts for Auden Education and Auden Living, a provider of student-focused residential communities. The campaign aims to resonate with students by using motion graphics and informative content that promotes personal, social, and academic growth.

Instagram Posts
Instagram Posts in Motion



Banner & Icon Design for SolarSPELL
Design by Sophia Zuo
Design a unified set of visuals for SolarSPELL, encompassing social media banners, pop-up banners, and library icons. These visuals should embody the initiative's dedication to addressing educational challenges in resource-limited settings and fostering worldwide student achievement. My work for SolarSPELL includes dynamic social media banners, sturdy pop-up banners for events, and intuitive library icons, all highlighting SolarSPELL's influence and bolstering its educational efforts worldwide.

Iterations for Pop-Up Banners
Icon Design for Digital Library Resources


Logo Design

Branding & Package Design for Dive
Design & Crafting by Sophia
This project creates a lively beach experience through beverage packaging. Deliverables include logo, bottle, label, box designs, and promotional posters. The design, inspired by comics, features speech bubbles and cute characters for a playful, refreshing vibe.

Bottle Sticker Design(lemon flavor)
Bottle Sticker Design(blueberry flavor)

Beverage Package Design(peach flavor)
Beverage Package Design(lemon flavor)
Beverage Package Design(blueberry flavor)

Beverage Box Packaging(front)
Beverage Box Packaging(back)
Label Design for 6-pack beverage box

Poster Design(01)
Poster Design(02)


BRAND IDENTITY(2022)Branding & Package Design for MOKKi
Design by Sophia Zuo
Creating a brand identity for MOKKi, a teen-focused cosmetics line. The design reflects a youthful, individualistic spirit with vibrant colors, playful graphics, and trend-setting visuals. The packaging encourages self-expression, echoing the brand's celebration of individuality and unique beauty.

Suncream Package Design
Lip Gloss Package Design

Dieline for Fragrance

Webdesign for MOKKi

Webdesign for MOKKi Suncream